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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering College of Engineering
& Applied Science

T. S. Kalkur

T. S. Kalkur


Department Chair, Professor

Office:  Engineering 220
Phone:  (719) 262-3147
Home Page:



Biographical Sketch

Dr. Kalkur received his B.S. degree from the University of Mysore in 1975 and his M.Tech. degree from the Indian Institute of Science in 1979. He then went to the University of Western Australia where he received his Ph.D. degree. He began his career at UCCS in 1985 as a visiting Assistant Professor, and is now a Professor for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He presently is the director of the UCCS Microelectronics Research Laboratories, and the Chief Editor for the Journal of Active and Passive Components, Hindawi Publishers. Dr. Kalkur's research interests are in microelectronics circuit design, device physics, ferroelectrics for tunable RF circuit applications, nano-crystalline memories, polarization switching data converters, deep submicron device and circuit modeling, MEMS based sensors and switches, and radiation hardened circuit design.


Dr. Kalkur has ongoing research: “Micro Heater Array Development for NASA” with Professor Jungo Kim, University of Maryland College Park; “Simulation of Quadfet with Silvaco tools” with Dr. Richard Mirin, NIST; “Tunable High Dielectric constant based Phase Locked Loops”, NSF.

Recent Publications

  1. Greg Pauls and T.S. Kalkur, “PLL Jitter Reduction by Utilizing Ferroelectric Capacitor as VCO Timing Element”, Accepted for publication, IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics and Ferroelectrics, Feb. 2007
  2. A. Jamil, T.S. Kalkur and N. Cramer, “300 MHz tunable VCO implemented with high-K capacitor”, To be published in IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics and Ferroelectrics, Feb. 2007
  3. Mosur Rahman, Bo Lojek and T.S. Kalkur, “ Simulation of capacitance vs voltage Characteristics MOS structures with silicon nano-crystals”, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Nano Technology, 2006
  4. Greg Pauls and T.S. Kalkur, “PLL based on ferroelectric capacitor as a timing element”, submitted to the Journal of Integrated Ferroelectrics, 2006



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