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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering College of Engineering
& Applied Science

Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo


Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Development

Phone:  (719) 594-6145



Biographical Sketch

Dr. Araujo received his B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., and PhD. from the University of Notre Dame. He began teaching in 1977, and joined the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in 1983. Dr. Aroujo has worked with the following companies in various capacities: Ramtron Corporation, Symetrix Corporation, General Motors Research Laboratories, and Concord Services, Inc., and is presently a Commissioner for the Colorado Governor?s Commission on Science and Technology, and Advisor to Governor of Hiroshima - Hiroshima Science Park. He is a member of seven professional societies and has received seven different awards and honors, including the IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award, and the Outstanding Faculty Member award. Major areas of teaching and research include Neural Networking, Solid State Devices and Integrated Circuits, Device Fabrication Technology, Process and Device Modeling, Rapid Thermal Processing Modeling and Characterization, Non-Volatile Memories, Integrated Ferroelectric Devices, GaAs IC Technology, Applications of Ferroelectric Materials, Modeling of Materials and Devices, Sol-gel Processing of Electronic Ceramics, Ferroelectric Memories, Thin-Film Lithium Solid State Batteries, and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.


Dr. Araujo has been involved in funded research since 1983, receiving funding from Symetrix Continuing Research Project several times withing the past 19 years, as well as several others.

Recent Publications

  1. Guerriro, Ana Maria Guimar?es, C. A. Paz de Araujo, "An Extended Model for Spiking Neuron Class," Biological Cybernetics, July 2007.
  2. Guerriro, Ana Maria Guimar?es, C. A. Paz de Araujo, "Boolean Logic with a FeNeuron," Integrated Ferroelectrics Journal, 2007.
  3. Guerriro, Ana Maria Guimar?es, C. A. Paz de Araujo, "A Neural Key Generator for a Public Block Cipher In: Brazilian Symposium on Artificial Neural Netwroks," 2006, Ribeir?o Preto. Brazilian Symposium in Artificial Neural Networks. Los Alamitos, CA, USA: IEEE Computer Society v.0. p.25 - 29. 2006.
  4. Guerriro, Ana Maria Guimar?es, C. A. Paz de Araujo, "From Hopfield Nets to Pulsed Neural Networks," LNCS Information Processing. Berkeley: Springer, 2006. v.4234. p.1160 ? 1167.
  5. Guerriro, Ana Maria Guimar?es, C. A. Paz de Araujo "A FeNeuron," International Symposium of Intergrated Ferroelectrics, 2006, Honolulu, Hawaii.