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Department of Computer Science

Computer Science College of Engineering & Applied Science

Master of Science in Computer Science

Admission Requirements

Applicants for graduate study in computer science must hold a B.S. or B.A. degree and have considerable computing experience, sufficient mathematical background and show promise of ability to pursue advanced study and research. Applicants with a B.S. in computer science or in a technical area (such as mathematics, engineering, or physics) are natural candidates for graduate study in computer science.

Entering students must have the equivalent of the following UCCS courses:

  • CS 1150 Principles of Computer Science
  • CS 1450 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 2080 Programming in UNIX
  • CS 2060 Programming in C
  • CS 2160 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
  • CS 3160 Concepts of Programming Languages
  • CS 3300 Software Engineering

A student who has completed CS 1450, but lacks other pre requisites may be admitted, but would still be required to take the prerequisite courses after admission. The pre requisite courses are routinely offered in the late afternoon or evening to allow prospective graduate students to satisfy the entrance requirements.

The applicant is considered to have sufficient mathematical background if he/she has taken at least two semesters of university level calculus, a course in discrete mathematics, and at least one additional course of a mathematical nature. This latter course need not be in a mathematics department; however, it should require mathematical maturity expected of an upper division mathematics undergraduate.

The student should have an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Students with an average below 3.0 but above 2.75 will be considered on an individual basis, as well as students with an average below 3.0 who completed their undergraduate degree more than a few years ago. Students with GPA deficiencies who take undergraduate courses to meet the entrance background requirements will have their performance in those courses considered in making the admission decision. Students who recently earned an undergraduate degree with a GPA below 2.75 will be required to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) before they can be considered for admission. A score of 148 (new grading scale) on the quantitative protion is considered favorable. Students with an average GPA below 3.0, if admitted at all, should expect to be admitted provisionally. If a student with a GPA below 2.75 is admitted, then the Graduate School requires provisional admission. International applicants must follow the international applicant requirements located on the 'How to Apply' page.

The Computer Science Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) meets regularly for action on completed applications. It is the responsibility of the applicant to assure that all materials are received in a timely manner. Files are kept in the Department of Computer Science Office and inquiries can be directed to 255-3544. The applicant being considered for admission will be notified in writing of the results of the GSC decision.

If the applicant lacks prerequisites, the letter notifying the applicant will list the courses the applicant needs to take before his/her application can be reconsidered. The applicant can be an unclassified student while satisfying the prerequisites. Depending on the number of deficiencies, it may take as long as two years to satisfy requirements for admission into the graduate program.

Applicants for regular admission should have all application materials into the Department of Computer Science at UCCS by June 15 for Fall Semester and by November 1 for Spring Semester. These deadlines permit time for the GSC and the Graduate School to process the application. It is the student's responsibility to follow up to make sure all materials are received on time. If these deadlines are not met, an application for regular admission will be considered for the following semester.

International Students

International students applying for the program should have all application materials into the Department of Computer Science at UCCS by April 1st for Fall Semester and by October 1st for Spring Semester. Applications sent later than these dates or incomplete by these dates may be considered for the following semester. It is the student's responsibility to follow up to make sure all materials are received on time.

Military Considerations

Students on V.A. support who do not have adequate background for regular admission must pursue a plan for admission as an unclassified student. The Graduate Studies Committee, upon the request of the student, will send a letter to the V.A. indicating courses and other requirements, which must be completed before regular admission can be considered.

Financial Aid

Students seeking financial aid should contact the Computer Science Department to determine if any opportunities exist. Financial aid opportunities exist through graduate research assistantship positions, half-time teaching assistantships and through work at selected area industries on an internship program, summer job or part-time position basis.

For application information: How To Apply

For additional information please contact the Computer Science Department.